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Need to rent a car?
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Need to rent a car? ACTU Member Connect has organised a great Hertz car rental offer for union members with guaranteed discounts off the lowest leisure rates in the Hertz system. Under the current offer the Hertz standard Accident Damages Excess of $3,300 is reduced to $1,650. There is also a 10% discount off international affordable rates for NZ, UK, Europe, USA & Canada. For full details visit our car rental page.

To access these great rates members must quote a special Hertz CDP discount offer number. As this is an exclusive offer for unions members to get this number simply email Member Connect with your name, union and union membership number (if known) or ring our call centre on 1300 362 223.

Once you have our special Hertz discount number visit the Hertz website for an online quote or phone Hertz on 13 30 39.