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Examples of successful relationships between endorsed service providers and the ACTU:

Members Equity Bank
Members Equity Bank has been specifically created to provide everyday Australians with innovative, low cost banking services. As a result – Members Equity Bank are 100% committed to keeping banking costs low whilst delivering exceptional customer service.

Since 1994, Members Equity has delivered to union members low cost home loans. Members Equity has since expanded and has offers a range of straight-forward and low cost banking products including home loans, credit cards, personal loans and savings accounts.
It is the flag ship product of Member Connect and we are proud to be associated with Members Equity and its staff.
Members Equity employees are members of the FSU.

Union Shopper
Union Shopper began operations 25 years ago when the concept of a discount purchasing and service organisation for union members received instant and widespread support.

Its membership of affiliated union members has since expanded to produce greater benefits to members through increased bargaining power.

The Union Shopper Inc. is a 100% union-owned organisation working exclusively for unions. In other words each union's membership owns this service.
Union Shopper aims to provide the best possible savings to union members on a variety of goods and services.
Any profits made by Union Shopper in providing this service are reinvested by the organisation to use for the greater benefit of all members, therefore producing new services and increased competitiveness.
Union Shopper employees are members of the FSU and ASU.


Application Process For Prospective Partners
ACTU Member Connect is the commercial arm of the ACTU and unions. Our objectives differ from those of most commercial enterprises. While the company retains commercial imperatives, its primary goal is to provide services to union members. A profit motive does not impede or dilute the discount we offer union members or unions. We use surpluses to invest in future services to unions and their members.

Member Connect acts as an intermediary between unions and commercial enterprise. Its role is unique in that it selects and endorses certain products and services for use by unions and their members; and then communicates the value of these services to unions. For Member Connect to run effectively it is necessary that it is both commercially aware and focussed on the priorities of unions and their members.

Central to delivering effective and commercially successful member services is the choice of partner. Member Connect has due diligence, market analysis and tendering processes that enable us to evaluate firms and the services they offer. A fundamental part of this process is to evaluate the philosophical synergies between the potential partner and unions. Unions and the ACTU expect their partners to respect the rights of workers to collectively bargain.

Companies seeking to enter into a commercial relationship with the ACTU and unions should complete the 'Expression of Interest' form below and submit to:

Stuart Bell
Membership Services Manager
ACTU Member Connect
Level 7, 365 Queen Street
Melbourne Vic 3000